The Learning Environment

Baulkham Hills Preschool Kindergarten provides a happy, safe and stimulating learning environment, enriching all who take part in its caring, welcoming and diverse community.

Our indoor and outdoor learning environments are engaging and responsive to children’s ideas, interests, strengths, culture and abilities. We connect with each child’s potential, creativity and uniqueness. We work in collaborative partnerships with parents and families.

Our preschool learning environment reflects the view that children are capable, resourceful, valued and respected. We support children to become confident learners, where each child takes an active part in their own learning through meaningful experiences and opportunities. The educators are central in their role to actively facilitate children’s learning in intentional, purposeful and thoughtful ways. Educators guide and support children to be active participants in the preschool’s programs.

Learning environments support children to be confident and involved learners where they can develop dispositions for learning such as curiosity, enthusiasm, persistence, confidence, curiosity, commitment, reflexivity and imagination.

Learning areas and experiences are designed and implemented by highly skilled and experienced early childhood educators. Learning and play are embedded into daily programs and practices and include: numeracy and literacy concepts, mathematics/science/technology concepts,  fine motor and gross motor skills, language and communication development, social/emotional and independence skills, music and movement, creativity and imaginative play, health/nutrition/well-being concepts, and school readiness.

Indoor and outdoor play environments are equally valued learning environments at our preschool. Our outdoor learning environment has large open natural play spaces, intentionally designed to development each child’s skills, knowledge, creativity and interests.  Outdoor learning spaces include a beautiful creek bed, mud kitchen, camping area, large wooden deck, picnic meals area, cubby house, sandpit and water play areas, swing, sensory exploration area, musical equipment, as well as balancing and climbing spaces. The playground  incorporates extensive grassed areas, pathways and gardens.

Our indoor learning environment has warm and inviting play spaces. The indoor environment has embedded learning areas which foster children’s development across the main learning domains. Indoor learning spaces include an art studio, blocks and construction area, loose parts play, science and investigation area, family and community dramatic play area, literacy and numeracy areas, puzzles area, cognitive and fine motor area, sensory area, gross motor experiences, and interest areas.

The preschool is extremely well resourced. We offer a wide variety of learning experiences which are supported with a vast array of open-ended toys, equipment and learning materials.