Baulkham Hills Preschool Kindergarten is licensed to accept enrolments of children who are 3 – 5 years of age. A child’s name may be placed on the Waiting List from birth.

A Waiting List Application Form for enrolment must be filled out and lodged with the Preschool office with payment of a small administrative fee. The Waiting List Application Fee is $10.00 per family. Each child in the family must be enrolled separately.

Visiting the preschool is very welcome. Please contact the preschool office to arrange a mutually suitable time to book a tour of the preschool. Throughout the  COVID-19 pandemic, tours may be postponed depending on the current health advice at the time.

The length of time a child is on the waiting list is not the sole determining factor when offers of enrolment are made. The preschool follows the NSW Government’s Priority of Access Guidelines for NSW preschools when offering positions to families, as well as the individual needs of the family and child.  Lodging a Waiting List Application Form unfortunately does not guarantee a position at the preschool.

We aim to complete placements by the end of Term Two, for the following year. Families of children offered a position will be notified and times for Acceptance of the Position and payment of the Enrolment Holding Deposit will be provided.  Allocated Parent Information Afternoons and Parent Enrolment Interview Meetings follow in Term Three. Orientation Days for the children are held across Term Four.

Incidental vacancies are filled during the year from the Waiting List.

Don’t delay! Enquire today!

Priority of Access

The NSW Department of Education: Early Childhood Education Directorate has a funding specification guideline, known as ‘Start Strong’, that NSW funded preschools are required to follow.

Priority of Access is given to:

  • Eligible 4 year olds (Please note: ‘eligible’ 4 year olds are defined by the NSW Government as turning 4 years old on or before 31st July in that year).
  • 3 year old and 4 year old children from Low-Income Families (Health Care Card holders)
  • 3 year old and 4 year children from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background


Please call the Preschool for more information regarding the Schedule of Fees. Equity funding (subsidised fees) is available for eligible families.

The preschool has a  three-tiered fee structure which follows the  ‘Start Strong Funding Guidelines’ outlined by the NSW Department of Education: Early Childhood Education Directorate.

The 3 fee tiers are:

  • 4 year old fees (must turn 4 on or before 31st July)
  • 3 year old fees
  • equity fees (eligibility criteria must be met)

Other Costs

Daily Fees cover most of the of your preschool program costs . Occasionally, additional costs may be incurred for special events such as discos,  excursions (entrance fees/bus), and school photo packs.

Other charges include the Annual Association Membership, as well as the Building Maintenance and Fundraising levies (charged each term).