Our Philosophy


Quality in early childhood education matters. High quality early childhood programs provide a safe and nurturing environment where children are respected, supported and challenged in their learning. Children are happy, confident learners who are included and listened to. Play-based programs support all aspects of a child’s learning and development – identity, well-being, community, learning and communication.  We commit to providing affordable, high quality education and care for families.


Relationships are the foundations for the construction of identity and for successful partnerships when they are approached with honesty, openness and consistency. Equitable and reciprocal relationships built on trust, respect, and authenticity are central to supporting learning. By acting in professional and ethical ways, our educators build and maintain sensitive and responsive relationships with children and adults, strengthening partnerships for learning. Children learn important social and emotional skills through their significant relationships with families, caregivers, peers and early childhood educators.


Early childhood is a critical period for the realisation of children’s rights. Young children are powerfully shaped by beliefs about their needs and proper treatment, and about their active role in family and community. Our educators authentically support and advocate for the children’s rights so that young children can thrive and learn. Children’s voices, hopes and dreams are central to our decision making processes so that every child feels safe, secure, nurtured, valued and heard.


Humans have an instinctive need to belong. Belonging is a lifelong requirement for health and happiness, as well as being a key contributor to our well-being and participation throughout life. A sense of belonging   emerges from the connections we make with people, places culture and groups. Everyone has their own beliefs, values, culture and strengths contributing to our rich and diverse community. Acceptance of diversity and difference impacts individuals and society. Our educators commit to addressing social justice issues such as discrimination, equity, fairness and bias.


We acknowledge our heritage and our future. Sustainability relates not only to the natural environment, but also our society and culture. We embrace our responsibilities within the world around us – our environment, our people, our community, our children, and our preschool. We commit to the long-term   viability of our service and in empowering children and families to develop creative and critical thinking skills necessary to make informed decisions for change, improving the quality of their lives, and those of future generations.


The early childhood years are crucial and formative years. This is when the foundations for learning, health and behaviour throughout life are laid down. What takes place during these years plays an important part in determining the way a person feels about themselves, the way a person relates to others, their capacity to solve problems, the way a person thinks, creates and learns. Opportunities for nurturing children, working together with families, collaborating with other professionals, networking with colleagues, as well participating in professional development opportunities is encouraged and supported to facilitate growth, development and well-being in children, families, educators and staff.


Reflection involves having opportunities to stop, reflect and rethink what we do and why we do things in particular ways. A professional culture of reflective practice is embedded in daily practices to ensure high expectations and standards for high quality education and care is provided.   We are committed to engaging in discussion, hard questioning and debate, as well as the process of change for continuous improvement to policy, practices and procedure. We explore, challenge and research differing perspectives.


Our work with children is about supporting and guiding their individual and shared learning journeys. Educators commit to supporting children to develop the skills and capabilities to be successful life-long    learners by providing pathways for children to engage with stimulating and creative environments and experiences that promote personal growth, health, learning and self-esteem. We commit to continual professional learning, personal growth and organisational development. We collaborate and explore new ideas and different ways of thinking